Programs Consulting and Skills Transfer

Technical assistance and advising:

Information management isn't easy. In fact, it's the hardest thing for many small and mid-size organizations. OKC understands that there is never enough time and there are never enough resources to make the most of your data. As one of our partners has noted, though, "information is currency." OKC has the technical experience and expertise to help you navigate vast amounts of data quickly.

We can help with critical aspects of data management:

  • Our staff will help you develop new and easier data collection procedures
  • We can identify software and tools to automatically analyze your datasets for you
  • Our experts will advise and help you use the data for greater impact
  • We'll even show you powerful new ways to share data with stakeholders

Even if you have a data process, it's difficult to know which technology to choose, especially when you're not even sure that technology provides the answer. We offer research and analysis to help advise you on the best software, consultant, and platform to meet your needs. If you like, we'll even arrange for a real demonstration in your office - even if it's our competitor's product.

To schedule a confidential and free consultation, please Contact us and we'll set you up with one of our experts.

Open Knowledge Mentorships:

To ensure that you have enough technical support to complete a project you've wanted to work on, OKC offers a 6 week training program to develop your ability to collect and analyze data for your group/organization. Mentees develop strategies to promote their cause via informative and actionable messages. During the mentorship, you will learn to use technology to assist collection, analysis, use, and sharing of information.

This mentorship curriculum balances practical exercises, group discussions, presentations, field visits, and most-importantly, application of the ideas and new skills directly into the current work of the participants.

You'll gain expertise in data collection methodology, tools of the trade, fundamentals of database storage, data analysis techniques, metadata description, and even data-driven message development.

If you or your agency could benefit from a mentorship, Contact us and we'll include you in the next session.

“More and more, funders realize how important good information is to making an impact on the issues they care about. The Knight Digital Media Center is committed to helping community foundations acquire the skills that will make them successful"

Trabian Shorters, Vice President for Communities, Knight Foundation.

"We’re looking for new ways of collecting, understanding, visualizing and helping the public use the large amounts of information generated each day."

- The Knight Foundation