Foundations provide a tremendous amount of resources for local human services and non-profit programs. However, funding decisions made by these foundations are not generally available for public use. This site is a demonstration of the power of data visualizations and sharing as applied to the local resource base available to human service agencies.

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Donor Proportions

Proportion of awards given by each donor

By Year

Distribution of awards over the years since 2007

Recipient List

Summary of all recipients of awards with applied filter

By Theme

Themes are the specific purpose of an award. The theme is the answer to the question "what will the money be used for?"

By Target

Targets are the intended beneficiaries of the award. The target is the answer to the question "whom is the award intended to benefit?"

By Place

Place describes the intended geographic scope of an award (if known)


This summary provides yearly breakdown of aggregate amounts

Common Questions

A theme (or target) filter selects only those awards that have that theme tag. If an award has several tags, those will be displayed also. When more than one theme is present on a theme filter, it means that these grant awards overlap to some degree and should not be aggregated. In other words, the grant amount is duplicated across those themes.
All data presented here has been published on the web for public use. It was derived from secondary sources such as news articles and primary sources such as donor agency press releases.
Because the foundations have not agreed on a standard thematic or target group terminology, we had to derive these tags from the data at hand. These may be adjusted in future versions to demonstrate changing ideas of what themes and targets are most representative and independent.
At present there is no discussion that city or county funding will be included, but OKC is aware that there is demand for this information. If you would like to see municipal funding included in these charts, please contact us with the link at the top of this page.

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